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The Mental Health Revolution Podcast

“I will be who I am, and I’m basically in charge of that now.”

It’s hard to believe that some of us have lived full of horrors and traumas with our biological family. You’re lucky and privileged if you didn’t have to go through these. But for some who did, how do they look pass them so they can also live their lives fully?

In this episode of The Mental Health Revolution Podcast, Kate talks to Liz Scott, a clinical psychologist and the author of This Never Happened, about her experiences dealing with her family secrets, how it helped her finder her identity by trying to unravel the mysteries, how she found much more compassion while on her quest, and many more. Discover how it affected her well-being and relationships when you tune in.

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Beyond Well with Sheila Hamilton | Ep. 23-Liz Scott, Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD is a condition characterized by an overwhelming need for attention and admiration, a heightened sense of self-importance, and a lack of empathy toward others.

Liz Scott grew up with narcissists as parents.

But, for all of Scott's parent's entitled and erratic behaviors, Liz found herself attempting to understand the underlying problems in her parent's upbringing, and found empathy for her flawed and disastrous parents.

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